sâmbătă, 20 septembrie 2014

Autumn love

Each year autumn gets me singing my love for it. It is a second choice love, if may say so, as it always comes after the sunny, luminous summer and the exuberant spring. But when I feel tired of all that excruciating energy, I always come back to autumn bringing in all my love. It is every year alike and different every year.

Here's my autumn love moodboard this year:

1. Chestnuts boiling and burning, the Romanian expression "to get the chestnuts out of fire with someone else's hand" with its manipulative twist, the promise of a marron glacé before the coming winter... Remembering all the evenings when I shared chestnuts with family and friends.

2.  Autumn bicycle race, courage, getting out of your comfort zone, daring when you are not sure of yourself, "oser ça change tout" on the backdoor of my desk long time ago and Sylvie Guillem in the Rolex promo "Une femme qui s'interesse a ses limites que pour les depasser"

3. Miracles, finding a sense in everyday's appearantly unsignificant events, serendipity and hoping for the miracle again

4. My lovely red Moleskin and the tiny sticks in it, the plans I have, the plans I forgot I had and the entire inspiring energy that comes from them

5. Empathy, small talk, big talk, rediscovering who you are, what are the tiny pieces you're made of, so inaccurately articulated sometimes as if a 5-year old assembled them... , (re)discovering others, asking all the good questions, not having all the (right) answers

6. Coffee, tea, the mood that goes with...

7. Rain, the smell of rain, the smell of teen spirits :)

8. The incredible slide of the ultracision device on the vessels during lymphadenectomy, the feeling that you have go for it, make it better than last time, 'rendre service', daring again. Surgery per se, happy to feel the thrill again, longing for perfection

9. Admiration, admiring a few others as a life exercise while giving the best of yourself, remembering their thoughts, their words, the incredible intonation that during only a few seconds changed some small, hidden but decisive part of oneself, loving them for that, thrusting them for that

10. Books, music, high expectations, words, the hug on my wall I always take a look at when I need to breathe again...

vineri, 19 septembrie 2014

Leapsa cu carti

Umbla de cateva zile pe Facebook o leapsa cu carti de iti e mai mare dragul. In ciuda faptului ca unii vad in asta prilej de snobism intelectual si de 'spart in figuri', recunosc ca mie mai degraba mi-a picat bine. Mi-am adus aminte de prieteni dragi si i-am redescoperit, am incercat sa o dau mai departe cat mai multiculturalist cu putinta si mi-am chinuit gandurile in incercarea de a afla ce spun despre mine cartile mele.

Iata lista mai jos (sa ramana pentru eternitate)

1. Legendele Olimpului (The Olimpian legends) - N.A. Kun
un volum stufos, ilustrat cu statui antice, care mi-a indus o dragoste persistenta pentru mitologie

2. Poezii & Fiziologia poeziei (Poems & The physiology of poetry) - Nichita Stanescu
pentru ca mi-a creat o stare pe care inca o mai experimentez din cand in cand

3. Ambasadorii & Varsta ingrata (The ambassadors & The awkward age) - Henry James
pentru ca m-a invatat cam tot ce stiu despre societate si viata sociala

4. Mandrie si prejudecata (Pride and prejudice) - Jane Austen
pentru ca mi-a conturat idealul de masculinitate sub forma inteligentului, subtilului si generosului Mr. Darcy

5. Ravelstein & Iarna decanului (Ravelstein & The dean's december) - Saul Bellow 
pentru ca mi-a transformat pentru cateva sute de pagini mintea in cea a unui intelectual american si pentru ca asa am inceput sa ma interoghez asupra comunismului

6. Un veac de singuratate & Despre dragoste si alti demoni (A hundred years of solitude & About love and other deamons - Gabriel García Márquez
pentru toate motivele din lume...

7. What I loved - Siri Hustvedt
pentru o scriitura complexa si o subtilitate desavarsita in constructia personajelor, pentru ca este aproape sufletului meu si pentru constructia identitatii

8. Sotron (Rayuela) - Julio Cortazar
pentru ca uneori ma simt ca un personaj din carte

9. Patul lui Procust (Procust's bed) - Camil Petrescu
pentru ca 'o femeie cu picioare subtiri isi poate permite orice' si pentru ca "Atenţia şi luciditatea nu omoară voluptatea reală, ci o sporesc, aşa cum de altfel atenţia sporeşte şi durerea de dinţi. Marii voluptosi şi cei care trăiesc intens viaţa sunt neapărat şi ultralucizi. "

10. Poeme (Poems) - Pablo Neruda
pentru ca aici ma intorc cand nu mai vibrez.