Viata in 6 cuvinte

Pe Smith magazine se gaseste o campanie intitulata Six-Word Memoirs
Invitatia adresata cititorilor e la obiect: one life. six words. what's yours?

Campania a fost inspirata de o poveste literara. Hemingway a fost invitat de o revista sa scrie o poveste in sase cuvinte. Raspunsul sau a fost: "For sale: baby shoes. not worn"

Unele postari sunt incredibil de savuroase. Editorii acorda si o serie de premii saptamanale. Sa spicuim:

Best Imagery: “Waiting for the train and you.” —Arru1
Best Narrative Arc: “My faded scars show I’ve won!” —Eskemo
Most in Need of a Backstory “I just got caught smiling uncontrollably.” —Sabel
Best Wordplay: “Former third wheel. Now a unicycle.” —Jude

Mi-au mai placut:
"Lucky in everything else but love"
"I'm the careless man's careful daughter"
"I'm not lazy. I'm pacing myself"
“Been divorced since we were married.”
“Quit vegetarianism, confirmed lesbianism, conquering perfectionism.”
"Called on God, got His machine"
"Love drama. Just not my own"
“Man of Steel. Starting to rust.”

Unele dintre ele sunt deja t-shirturi.

What's yours?