Unexpected turn of a situation

Not long ago, I was thinking about writing a novel about a stressful situation, a confinement in a secluded place for a defined period of time. I have never really undertaken this subject but I sometimes enjoyed myself strolling through such a hypothetical scenario. 

Of course, I am not the only one. Sci-fi writers, survivalists, Hollywood screenplay writers- they all twisted this idea one way or the other.

What had me really fascinated in this issue is the question "who are we really?". There is no filter, no social rules, no daily routine to guide our steps... Something must unveil. 

The present confinement period due to Covid19 is what gets closer to this scenario in our everyday lives. In such an incredible way... Yesterday, we all took airplanes to travel from one end of the world to another in what seemed like a snap. We were just sitting more or less comfortably on our seats, enjoying social segregation based on class or Frequent flyer programs and watched some soap/action movies, with or without a glass of champagne. We had our schedule perfectly planned and did not imagine for a single second that someday we might worry about... toilet paper. 

On Saturdays, we used to gather to local market and I used to get so complimentary with this Southern France style of life.

And here we are today in an hesitating script, fearing or...disdaining Corona virus, but confined at home with our loved ones. They'd better be our loved ones as 15 to 45 days is no joke. What are we supposed to do except for eating the whole rice/pasta stock we were able to buy from the supermarket?

Are we going to stare at the ceiling longing for our ...historic lives? Are we going to indulge in a Bridget Jones kind of treat full of ice-cream, pancakes, donuts, chips, whatever? Are we going to make a plan, a rigorous schedule with things to do everyday and wake up calls? Are we going to binge-read and binge-watch whatever we have not read/seen for a while? Are you, like me in this moment, rediscovering your lost  writing ego and trying to place it somewhere between cooking, playing and catching up with science?

I am (rather optimistically?) taking the whole story as a social experiment. Of course, we are going to witness loss of lives and loss of economics and there is nothing funny or experimental about it. But if we decide to stick in our thoughts to ourselves and our families for a second, you are playing your Fort Boyart, Koh Lanta moment right now in your own lives, in your own homes and with modern means. 

We are all 'prisoners' at home (I must add, probably, I am less than you as I will soon get back to work) and we have the choice of hating it or loving it. It was in my high-school years when I went to a really bad party and a slightly older friend told me: "Well, you're here now. It's up to you if you get really bored or if you decide to do something about it". Ever since that moment, I have been taking up the option of doing something about it so that party was completely worth it.

If you are reading this and you discover your new self, please, take a moment to pass by this site again and leave a comment to tell us about it. What you do, what you have discovered, who you are in this situation? What are your thoughts about? I'm sure it will inspire someone...